Door-Knock Diary: Fear of What?

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Anyway, it is Friday morning and it’s been three weeks since I’ve been on the streets.  It is always difficult to get going after a layoff.  Frankly I’m feeling a bit under the weather.  Maybe this is all psychological.  But there is always a kind of fumbling around after an absence, like where did I leave off?  Check the recent neighborhood listings, contracts, and sales.  Design and print some new handouts.   Dress for the weather (this is important).  Then get out there.

Frankly I am not feeling great about it.  It is apprehension and yes, even fear.  Of what?  There is always fear of futility and failure.  Is this going anywhere?  Door-knocking is very time consuming, often tedious endeavor that may ultimately lead to nothing.  Yesterday I attended a training class titled “Miracle Morning”  It was essentially a plan on how to spend your time productively, with a focus on making a fresh start in the coming year.

There, I met a realtor named Joe who has, he said, done a lot of door-knocking for business in the past.  And in six months of it, it produced nothing for him.  He is my accountability partner, and we agreed to conduct our first phone conversation about 10 minutes from now.  Here’s what I plan to ask him:

Tell me more about why you think door-knocking didn’t work for you.  Tell me about your approach.  What was the science of how you chose neighborhoods?  What was the target price range?  What was your batting average?  That is, how many people were home and willing to talk, compared to the number of attempts?  Did you try different areas?  Did you write or blog about your experiences? 

It is just about time for the call.  I will write later about the results of my interview.